“Behold I send you out as sheep in the mist of wolves”



He sent me in the mist of my enemies

With eyes of a predator they grimed,

Beaming with delight as if dinner was severed on a platter of silver,

On the belly of gluttony their day filled with hunger turned into a cheer

Silverware and China making sounds like the aristocrat’s conversion

This delight severed in the calabash from the savannahs woman’s pot

Towards this meals long awaited

To feast, their narrowed bright eyes beheld

Sounds of cheers like bright sunny day of the Brazilian carnival

As the child chase the lizard on the hot noonday

So my feet quivered and trembled as my lungs “gasp” for breath

Causing a nuclear disaster, Fukushima 

Is this the paradise promised?

Days filled with tracery and nights dimmed with fear

Questions rolled within my heart, paradise lost!

A future told of mansions, streets of gold and crystal flowing fountains

A sight beyond comprehension

Now all I see is my enemies delight

This paradise, forever missing

This mission impossible

With wild furious times in wait

To see the unseen, walk the unpaved, read the unwritten, speak the unspoken

The unspoken words of an unending speech

The unwritten words of instruction so command

The unpaved streets of the mysterious journey

To see the unseen life exchanged for a pleasant fruit.


This serpent wisdom I must gather

You remember the one who sold the fruit at a price of death

His wisdom filled with pride and prejudice-Jane

Jane the one who walked in the garden bright with her companion right!

Beheld dreams like reality, reaching feat beyond this lonely mans’ ability

Jane the one who tasted the mouth watery, juicy goodness on the pleasant fruit

Just to see the unseen and to speak the unwritten

Now she lost her power coveted by the gods

Now she sits in a dark corner relishing things lost

Jane blinded by her own self deception

Yet she enjoys its dangerous pleasures, forgetting when she was the bride

That bride in gems of rube, sapphire, turquoise, topaz clothed in silk and smothered with talc

The sweet scented hands now hardened by the tools of her trade, the trade called sin

The master sends me to become like the serpent slithering my way through this maze

 All through keeping my innocence like the dove

For Jane’s council, synagogues, Governors and Kings will not let her go

So they flogged me, dragged me through the forest behead, hanged and disgraced

Guilty their judgment proclaimed, punished and shackled with chains


They laughed,

 At my stories of Him

He who died on the cross of shame

The cross meant for Jane’s transgressions

A disgrace not befitting a King

Here I stand at the public courts of the Men

Ready, willing to give a defense of the truth in him

Now the words which were unspoken comes to life

The unseen mysteries clearly portrayed

Of faiths unseen evidence and hope encouraging grandeur

Without tricky

With patience and love

The unseen, they perceived

The unwritten, now scribed

The unsung praise hallelujah

The words of the prophet fulfilled

The songs of the angels sung loud

Like the glorious alleluia

A symphony

An ensemble

So as I look upon my enemies

Crowned with the sonship of the master

I realize His sacrifice was once an offering made for the soul of every man.  

So though my enemies lay in wait

And my feet shiver

I am not afraid

Cos’ this journey is listed on the path of Gold

To this eternal glory 


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