Joys of my Life

Sitting next to me is a mystery

With hair of silky blackness

Skin dyed with beauty

And eyes as pearls

They are the opening

Of scenes from the strides of the gazelle

Racing upon the red sand of the Kalahari

 Feeling the heat of the glowing sun

Upon it dark coated covering

Made of leather and décor with whisk


Can you tell your name?

Will I ever see the smile?

Mystery has its own thoughts

History its own stalls

Nature its own course


Rivers flow from it mouth

Devoid of all its obstacles

It runs down it path into the sea

Filling it up to make an ocean

This quest to which I take

The journey of uncertainty

Of messages whose origin

Baffles the intellect

Amazes the senses

Makes the simple sophisticated


A name so nice

She need not mention twice

History its own stalls

Nature its own course


For time will not be spent

In the lonely dark corners

Of this bachelors hearts

I want to make you my wife

This is the season for me

To up hold the ancient pledges

For betters days for worse days

To cherish in sickness and health

To follow the benchmarks

Of heroes long forgotten

Forsaking all else


Can I say it before all?

Will you accept this ring?

To bequeath my heart

To the one I love

The joys of my life



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