Master Bait

As hands robe against skin,
Images filling in the gaps to satisfy the sense,
Indulged sensualities,
Provoked emotions,
A climax so worthless

His new found friend sucks him into an abyss
The depths of despondency
Reducing his affiliations
Removing every devotion
Half naked women
Are his delights
Beseeching him to come
Not with words
With gestures and glances
Lazing about in the silence of the night
Whispers from afar beckoning
Come and enjoy
This droplet of ecstasy
Created by a figment of his fantasy
An uncontrollable yearning
For seductions journey
Something so real,
A forbidden taste of longing,
Goads of sensation

As hands robe against skin
Eyes closed
Reality now eluding
An ecstasy
Of beauty so Profaned!

Behind those locked doors
Of empty chalices,
He drinks water from an empty cup
Eats from an empty bowl
Dwells in the chasms
The quintessential human begin
Of modern genes
Dancing to the rhythms
Of larkish rhymes
Punch lines
Piano bars
Procreation for recreation

As hands robe against skin
Reality without reach
Sex without borders
The measure of scales
The abomination of self

Prisoner of his own emotion
An outcast of sexual perversions
Married to the hands
Coupled to the chains of pornographic literature
Like Shakespeare’s plays
He plays each roll of this sexual serenade with every faucet of is begins
The mind depicts images which fuels the hands to move upon the skin of sacred organs
Deriving pleasures for stolen water,
Cos’ stolen water is sweet
Broken vessels hold wine which taste bitter but eludes the drunk of it sour taste
Passions pasts has removed all functions now he lives in the dungeons of these chained created by mastrubation  

As hands robe against skin
To satisfy the lust
For sex unreachable delight
Now he feels nothing
Cos masturbation has made him
An abomination

He finds his old friend
Who, hanged upon the cross
Now walks among the doors
Of human hearts
A genetic re-gene-ration
Hand stretched, it touches no skin but breaks and cures the stains of drains rained upon by masturbation
He replaces beauty for ashes and grants duty to passion
The passion of love, the taste of consummations with angles and cherubim’s whiles seraphim’s sings hallelujah
He walks down the aisles to the altar to receive redemptions
Not from the chords of Bob Marley’s acoustic guitar
But from the heart of the master Jesus who heals all brokenness

As hands clapped together
And tears rundown his eyes
He surrounds all to the altar
Laying them down as sacrifice
To be consumed 
Not with passions of lust but with the imputing of the spirit
Now made Holy he seeks satisfaction from Jesus’ hands
He feels all the weight of his glory upon his shoulder
Cos masturbation made him an abomination
Christ made him into a royal priesthood
A holy nation
And a peculiar person




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