He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,

To proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,

Detoxifying the man whose being has been made into the dumping ground for sin

Mending the torn hewn of those whose glorious garment has been made into the filthy rags, the righteousness of everyman thoughts

The ways which I make whole is the path of spiked rocky back road deemed dangerous, still people relish in its destructive power

Saving those whose steps has slipped into the broad road of destruction

Broken men I carry upon my shoulders, whose excess baggage been dropped

Consuming them with passion, igniting the divinity within their souls,


From the lake of brimstone the condemned dungeon of Satan

Leaving you penny less, that’s the priceless journey of strength

If you want, follow me, for my barren is light, the light which finds its way out of darkness

A comprehension whose compromise is an un-waving devotion to righteousness, at steep prices

So I bore your illness and took your pain, now in me you shall have strength

When sins strong weakening power overwhelms man’s fragile heart, my hands of healing brings back the wanderer

To pull up all those drowning from the water, forgiving the sins of all those action are in contradiction to the masters edict

The dictates of the Master’s instruction

My arms are open to those whose doors are open for me to enter and dine with me the process of holiness


I take away your sickness and replace with my health, your weakness with my strength

@antiaye82 1/16/2014 10:24 PM


Strength for Weakness

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