The drunken man

Little more sip he said

To satisfy his thirst

The last pour of a tot

Of his favorite drink

A penny for this drunken man’s thoughts

Whose words are remiss?

And thoughts inconsistent?

“Tis’ the drunken man”

Missing his step

Along the slippery path

In darkness he stood

And Eyes could not see

Upon the ground he fell

Dancing among the sands

“This drunken man”

Making incoherent sense

Seeing the unseen

Hearing this drunken man’s tale

Along the jagged street

Homeward bound he seeks

A destination he seems to forget

The words he said

Knew no sense

Nor the songs He sung

Any lyrics

Now home,  he finds a refugee

Keeping him from disgrace

For in the morn

He finally paused

To remenise and quiz

Of words said

path traversed

actions transgressed

This Drunken man remembered

But nothing

For the night

Has become a distant memory

Hearing bang bang bang

His head feels like

The blacksmith hammering his anvil

Perilus night he said

And when darkness falls

He walks along the same path



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