Flowing Vessels

1.0  Introduction


1.1 Purpose

This project is to provide a platform for up and coming writers within the creative society of Ghana to have the opportunity of publishing their works. Many creative writes in Ghana are having a tough time managing both writing books and finding a home where their books would be published and marketed. Per-matrix Publishing House is the flagship company whose sole purpose is to provide an opportunity for writers in Ghana to have their work published without all the hustle they go through.

Flowing vessels is a the first project of its kind in Per-matrix Publishing House where works collected from various poets within the shores of Ghana would be published into a compilation, poems selected for this projects would come from some known and up and coming young poets who would be publishing their works  for the first  time. This would be the first in the series of publications from the Per-Matrix publishing house; other similar projects which cover fictional writers will be out soon.

This is to serve as a stepping stone to introduce unknown or unpublished writers into the Ghanaian market where there is a great potential for investors. Also it would provide a global platform through e-publishing where writers would have their works been put on kindle and other electronic book formats to be sold on the world market.


1.2 Justification

Writers who participate in this project will be given home, a permanent place to develop themselves.

By the provision of logistical support to help build their writing skills, and also giving them the business aspect of writing not only in publishing but also would have legal backing giving them chance to increase their intellectual property right.

Writers would be reducing their risk of losing their works through the cracks or not been able to gross an income from writing.

Flowing Vessels would not only be a book project but a platform for the art industry actors to showcase not only their writing skills but also other arts forms through live shows all to be updated in due time.


1.3 Objectives

Provide a platform for all poets to have the works published in a book

Use a benchmark to measure future works

Give the chance to anyone who is interested in creative writing to have a home


2.0  Project Scope

2.1  Scope

The lists below are high level specifications which serve as a guideline for those who wish to be part of the project.

All poets must be resident in Ghana but not necessarily Ghanaian

All poets must submit their works in the following categories

  1. Religion
  2. Sex
  3. Morality
  4. Social issues (e.g. Child labor, Rape, addictions e.t.c)
  5. Marriage
  6. Love
  7. Political Satire
  8. African Tradition ( poems in this category can be written in any local language)


Each poem must not exceed 1000 words and must not be less than 150 words.

You cannot submit two poems for the same category but has the option of submitting poems four more poems into other categories

Poem should be the original writing of the poet and had never been published before in any book, website or competition anywhere in Ghana or outside but poems from poets own website, blog or Facebook page would be accepted.

Each writer would need to sign a contract.


2.2  Scope Exclusion

Sexually explicit contents are not allowed

Works containing quotes from other writers without acknowledgement will be removed from the list.

Poems with politically subjective bias toward any known party in Ghana would not be included.

2.3  Impacts

Issues to which would affect project positively:

It has the potential of providing the needed support to industry players.

Provide those with talents an opportunity to showcase their works.

Give finical support to all those contributed to the publishing of this book including royalties


4. Publishing

4.1 Planning Process

It’s important to establish a process that will let us plan consistently far enough in advance to meet our publication targets. The following is a planned date line for the publication process.


Activity May  June July August September October November December
identifying Authors                
Selecting Authors                
Contract write up                
Signing of Contract                
Manuscript presentation                
Online Publication                


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